Business innovation support

Innovation is crucial to any business looking to survive. There are many different approaches to it and here are some of the things we look at.

Innovation Activities

Below are some of the activities that we can do with you to generate new ideas and explore innovative opportunities!

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How to Innovate in Business Workshop

Naturally we talk about innovation a lot! It’s easier said than done though. Our innovation tools in this workshop help to provide a framework to fall back on to find innovation in your business.

Ideation Tools

Ideas are vital for business sustainability; you have to change and improve things. Equally it can be difficult to come up with ideas when you need to, we use a series of tools like Crazy 8s and Scamper to give you a platform to jump from.

Problem-Solving Tools

Problem solving is the nature of a lot of businesses and a lot of roles within businesses. Using the right tools and approaches can help to streamline the problem solving experience. Techniques like Question Storming and Atomise are a great place to start!

Commercialisation Strategy

Many businesses offer a more diverse product/service range because they have found something that works for them and created a marketable product. You can do the same with our commercialisation approach!

How Else Can We Support You?

Hethel Innovation offers a wide range of business innovation support activities, through our Business Development Team. Whatever stage your business is in, we can offer our support and guidance.

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