Hi, we’re Hethel Innovation.

Our goal is to help businesses become more innovative, competitive, and productive.

These goals reach across many sectors, and bring together businesses, researchers, institutions, local governments and students to create opportunities for innovation.

Hethel Innovation has supported hundreds of businesses in East Anglia over the past eight years through: bespoke interventions, training courses, conferences, masterclasses, workshops, innovation platforms, and incubation.

This foundation is what is now being taken forward for Hethel Innovation to become a market leader in innovation support.


Providing business support across Norfolk and East Anglia

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We Incubate.

We provide incubation space for businesses of all sizes, across a variety of sectors. Through both of our sites in Norfolk, we offer a range of commercial spaces in the form of offices, workshops, and storage.

Both sites have members of the Hethel team present throughout the week to support your business.


Businesses Incubated


Startups Facilitated

We Accelerate.

Our team provide bespoke advice and guidance to businesses in order to overcome their barriers to growth.

No matter where you are at on your business journey, we are here to provide advice and support through a range of activities and tools, such as learning boot camps, benchmarking, one-to-one support, signposting, and introductions to form collaborations with academia and other like-minded businesses.


Businesses Supported


Jobs Created

We Innovate.

Hethel Innovation are the provider of innovation support in the East of England.

We facilitate the creation of new ideas across a number of sectors to disrupt conventional markets.


New Products, Processes and Services


Collaborations Formed

Our Sites.

We currently operate 2 business incubation sites in Norfolk – Hethel Engineering Centre and Scottow Enterprise Park

From our Clients.

“Without the ongoing support and enthusiasm of Hethel Innovation and their staff, and the amazing space we have been offered at Scottow Enterprise Park there is no way that Raptor Aerospace would have been able to get off the ground, let alone be now forging towards space with our small research rockets”

Ben Jarvis

Raptor Aerospace

“The Hethel Innovation team has helped us navigate various aspects of business planning for the last 18 months. Their support and contribution has been invaluable whilst making key decisions, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Design Sprint has facilitated an in-depth review of our value proposition and ideation towards new product development. The team brought fresh perspectives and ideas to the table, and we thoroughly enjoyed working with them.”

Jana and Ismat


“I came in contact with the Hethel Innovation team through UK investment team in 2015, being new to the UK system of running a business. The innovation team took me on gracefully and supported my business, from creating opportunity to network through Hethel Centre, to sitting in meetings to brokerage collaboration, to assisting in staff recruitment and of the latest expansion into Scottow Enterprise Park.”

Tunji Oladapo



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Hethel Engineering Centre

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