Business Support

Hethel Innovation offers a wide range of business support activities, through our Business Development Team. Whatever stage your business is in, we can offer our support and guidance. 

“The Hethel Innovation team have been indispensable in helping me to develop a robust plan to grow my business. I’ve received support at every step of the way, from adopting Agile project management methodologies to writing vision statements. I now feel much more confident forging ahead with developing my business!”

Ian Pegg

Owner, Eggcup Web Design

Starting a Business

Getting a business going and becoming your own boss is a dream for many. It’s also a big project to get going and we want to help you!

Product Development

New products are exciting! But also require a huge amount of work to get off the ground. Thankfully there are many ways you can ease this experience.

Funding Research

Access to funding can be difficult, understanding the lingo and knowing what you do and don’t qualify can be a minefield, but we’re here to help.


Marketing and raising awareness of a brand is a significant undertaking, we have a series of tools and principles that can help make this process easier.


Innovation is crucial to any business looking to survive. There are many different approaches to it and here are some of the things we look at.

Operations & Growth

Here we are looking at the way you are organising your business, as well as taking a serious look at growth opportunities.

Design Sprints

A Hethel Innovation Design Sprint is a workshop which takes place over a set amount of time. This could be a single day, two days or a full five day week.

“The Hethel Innovation team has helped us navigate various aspects of business planning for the last 18 months. Their support and contribution has been invaluable whilst making key decisions, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Design Sprint has facilitated an in-depth review of our value proposition and ideation towards new product development. The team brought fresh perspectives and ideas to the table, and we thoroughly enjoyed working with them.”

Jana and Ismat


Case Studies

The Business Development team at Hethel has helped over 600 businesses over the last 8 years. Here are some short case studies for you to check out and see the sorts of things we get up to.


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