Since 2006, we have become a leading provider of business support and business space in the East Anglia region. With our bespoke business advice and guidance we have supported over 600 businesses and helped to create over 1500 jobs. Our goal is to create truly connected communities.

So, what do we do, exactly?

Our approach to achieving innovation rests on three key principles: Space to Grow, Business Insight and Connected Communities. 

Across our two sites in Norfolk we provide the tools to help businesses of any size, from the smallest of startups to the more established enterprises, to thrive. Whether you require physical working space, virtual working space, or even storage space – we are happy to oblige!  

However, at Hethel Innovation, we are far more than just office spaces to rent, we are also a nurturing business community! As well as sharing space, we also share knowledge. In order to bring the best out of our tenants and help them reach their full potential, we offer a vast range of training and workshop opportunities. From Design Sprints and Lean Startups to Agile Project Management, we have the expertise and resources to accelerate your business growth. 

We also believe that our members are among our finest assets. By opening our doors to the best and brightest we become the catalyst for collaboration and enable true out of the box thinking.

Who can I meet?

If you’re a local business and want to connect with other businesses in the region, you’ll be happy to know we incubate around 40 businesses at Hethel Engineering Centre and over 100 up at Scottow Enterprise Park – and the numbers keep rising! We like to think our sites provide the bridge needed to create great relationships between businesses. 

If it’s cross-sectoral connections you’re after, look no further. We have close relationships to key organisations in the region, such as the Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor, the University of East Anglia, and Norfolk County Council

That’s the great thing about our community – on top of championing the local business scene, they foster cross-sector collaboration with academic/research bodies and local government. Knowledge and idea exchange is a top priority here at Hethel, and we want to ensure our business community can be connected with all kinds of organisations.

So how can I meet other Hethel members? 

Simple – come to our events! 

Without trying to sound like a school, we do host open days where you can meet our team and get to know us and other members. On top of this, we run various events including seminars, workshops, and conferences where you’ll be able to connect with businesses who are looking to improve and grow in the same area as you.

Sounds good. What else is there?

If you want a bit of light reading to keep connected, then you can sign up to our monthly newsletters that we offer to our members, The Hethel Hustle – Yes, we love alliteration. Here we’ll give you business spotlights from the region, funding opportunities, tips & tricks for your business, and more! You can sign up for all the latest goings on at Hethel via the form on our homepage.

We really are proud of the community that we belong to. Our team are always there if you fancy a chat – from our amazing site receptionists who provide exceptional customer service, to our friendly innovation advisors who are there to support you and facilitate collaboration across different industries. We’re all here to help you and your business succeed.

Interested in becoming part of the Hethel community? 

Get in touch with us – you can give us a call on 01953 859100 or drop us a line at Ask anything you want – nothing’s off the table.

You can also check out our website to find out how you can keep up to date with latest business news in the region and access exclusive discounts on local services!