Since 2006, we have become a leading provider of business insight, support and business space in the East Anglia region. With our bespoke business advice and guidance we have supported over 600 businesses and helped to create over 1500 jobs.

So, what do we do, exactly?

Our approach to achieving innovation rests on three key principles: Space to Grow, Business Insight and Connected Communities. 

Across our two sites in Norfolk we provide the tools to help businesses of any size, from the smallest of startups to the more established enterprises, to thrive. Whether you require physical working space, virtual working space, or even storage space – we are happy to oblige!  

However, at Hethel Innovation, we are far more than just office spaces to rent, we are also a nurturing business community! As well as sharing space, we also share knowledge. In order to bring the best out of our tenants and help them reach their full potential, we offer a vast range of training and workshop opportunities. From Design Sprints and Lean Startups to Agile Project Management, we have the expertise and resources to accelerate your business growth. 

We also believe that our members are among our finest assets. By opening our doors to the best and brightest we become the catalyst for collaboration and enable true out of the box thinking.

Whether you need help pinning down your branding and marketing strategy, a mentor, or maybe just some quick business advice, you are welcome to pick our brains anytime! Our dedicated business development team is on hand to help you and your business reach your full potential.

Here are just some of the ways we are able to share our expertise for the better!

Design Sprints

We understand that problem solving is not always a walk in the park. Whether you’re on the cusp of developing a new product, improving a pre-existing one or even trying to overcome a slump in team morale – Whatever the problem, our advisors can help you find a solution to your business challenges using our very own Design Sprint model. 

a meeting at Hethel, leading provider of business support in East Anglia

While a traditional Design Sprint is structured to help you come up with viable solutions in five days, we recognise that not every business has the capacity to dedicate an entire working week to solving one problem. That’s why we’ve put our own spin on things to guide you through the process in whatever time you can spare! 

You can find a bit more about our take on design sprints here.

Agile Working

If we’ve learned anything over the past eighteen months, it’s the importance of being resilient, flexible – and dare we say, agile! Adopting an Agile Project Management style is ideal for situations where your project is likely to change in goals and focus over time. It’s also a fantastic way to ensure consistent progress, meet deadlines and prevent your bright ideas from fizzling out.

This is achieved by breaking a project down into shorter iterative “sprints” where on completion of one sprint you can take what you have learned and use it to inform the next – therefore allowing you to adapt and overcome challenges all while maintaining steady progress. With our “Get Agile in a Day” workshop we will give you the tools to implement the agile mentality to your business.

Have a look at our upcoming Agile training courses.

Build a Business in a Day

We also appreciate that developing a new business, product or service can often be  daunting and a little risky. With the help of our experts we can guide you through the process with our own “Build a Business in a Day” session. Adapted from Lean Startup methodology, our know-how combined with our consumer insight can help you to overcome the uncertainties of launching a new business venture. 

Lean startups are guided by consumers and their thoughts, needs and desires – saving you time and money in the long term by ensuring your new venture will be embraced by the market and of course, the consumers.

Have a look at our upcoming ‘Build a Business in a Day’ training courses.

Business Acceleration Courses

Getting your business off the ground is one thing, figuring out where it’s going is another thing entirely!  With our “Accelerate” courses we can help you draw a map and send you on your way towards further success.  Our courses can take the shape of a six week long programme or a concentrated two-day workshop. 

In these sessions we’ll cover everything you need to understand your growth potential, from scoping out the business landscape to helping you stand out from the crowd by establishing your brand identity. Our sessions are also a fantastic opportunity to meet other bright-sparks! 

Have a look at our upcoming Accelerate training courses.

Business Support Services

Our Business Development team delivers bespoke guidance and advice – large or small, public or private, a fledgling or a familiar face, they can help you. The team is happy to mentor and check in with you on a weekly, monthly, or even on a quarterly basis – whatever you feel is right. 

leading provider of business support in East Anglia

We can even help you see the bigger picture by conducting market research or help you identify and secure funding opportunities for your next business venture.

To see and make the most of our whole repertoire of business support opportunities as a leading provider in East Anglia, visit us here.