Beattie Passive are a Clean Tech construction company located in East Anglia. Using traditional and readily available construction materials, their innovative patented construction method exceeds existing Passivhaus standards by creating a super-insulated continuous void around the floor, walls and roof. Unlike traditional methods of construction, Beattie Passive eliminates the gaps which occur at joints between floor, walls and roof, creating a high-quality home which requires 90% less heating than a traditional construction.

Beattie Passive makes a real difference to peoples’ lives and their pockets by delivering a comfortable, energy-efficient living environment, and by lifting them out of fuel poverty.

– Ron Beattie, Chairman, has had experience in both architectural design and practical building and has specialised more recently in low-carbon projects.

– Rosemary Beattie, Corporate Director, has had more than 20 years of experience in the construction and property industry. Rosemary runs the company on a day-to-day basis and is also in charge of marketing and business development.

Beattie Passive uses the Passivhaus methodology, which allows them to design and build homes quickly and at lower costs. This method of construction enables owners to make huge savings on energy and heat consumption, reducing their overall ownership costs.

Beattie Passive is the first company in the UK to be awarded certification as a complete build system by the Passivhaus Institute in Germany.

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