With the aim to identify steps to develop a sustainable and viable seaweed industry in East Anglia, we are very excited to officially launch the Seaweed in East Anglia (SEA) project, which will be delivered by The Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (Cefas), University of East Anglia (UEA) and Hethel Innovation.

The project will run over 11 months and will deliver a regional roadmap that can be used by businesses, investors and local authorities to provide an understanding of the opportunity Norfolk has to build a seaweed economy. The sector roadmap will include the development of an Algae Cluster, provide the foundation for future demonstrator projects, and encourage investment in seaweed-related businesses in our region.

Key Focus Areas of the SEA Project to Develop a Sustainable Seaweed Industry

  • Scoping farming methods and species, as well as co-location opportunities for seaweed aquaculture.
  • Understanding Norfolk’s production capability of seaweed-based products with a specific focus on utilisation in agriculture, food and drink products and bioplastics.
  • Developing a roadmap for industry and Algae Cluster development.

Picture from pixabay.com.

A SEA of Opportunities

The SEA project supports the interest in accelerating UK seaweed production, as demonstrated by England’s and Scotland’s national aquaculture strategies and the increasing number of seaweed-related businesses in the country (which has doubled since 2016). With 90 miles of coastline bordering the North Sea, Norfolk has an opportunity to establish a seaweed industry and seaweed-based value chains in the region. Accordingly, local supply chains will support existing local businesses in the sector that already produce, process, sell or use seaweed in their products to grow, as well as support businesses that want to take part in a growing industry that provides new product development opportunities.

The SEA project will address current barriers to the development of a seaweed industry in Norfolk and provide the foundation for future projects that could showcase Norfolk’s potential as a market leader in the industry, making Norfolk a competitive location to base a seaweed business.

Keep Up to Date With the Project

Interested in learning more about seaweeds potential and following the SEA project? This page will be updated with the latest project news, information and general seaweed insights, so keep watching this space if you want to follow what we are up to!