Giant Glasshouse to use hydroponics for tomatoes in Suffolk

Sterling Suffolk Ltd have rapidly constructed their mega-greenhouse structure for rapid growing tomatoes. To grow crops quickly they will use hydroponic growing technology. The mega-greenhouse is the size of 11 football pitches, and is based near Ipswich on old farmland. The first tomatoes are expected to be picked in early 2019, and will account for 10% of the fruit bought in the UK.


Picture source: EDP, Bethany Whymark

Norwich Research Park new vision

Norwich Research Park launched its new vision looking ahead to 2030 and further ahead. The vision was unveiled by David Parfrey on 20th July. Mr. Parfrey is executive chairman of Anglia Innovation Partners (formerly Norwich Research Partners). The new vision also mentions how they hope to create regional growth outside the research park. To do this the park hopes to continue to work with Hethel Engineering centre. The new vision strategy has six key pillars, which are: investment; building capacity and capability, environment and place, economic and societal impact, research and collaboration, community and communications and fund-raising.

Major farm management software firm opens new office in Norfolk

Farmplan, a major farm management software firm have opened a new office in Hethersett, Norfolk. This new office is set to help with product development. Farmplan currently are part of Proagrica, an agricultural data insights group. Farmplan have a large customer-base in Norfolk and hope this regional office will support them.


Image source: Quadram Facebook page,

Guardians of the Gut at the Royal Society Exhibition

The Hall lab from the Quadram Institute at NRP investigate the microbes in the human gut- the microbiota. The Hall group exhibited the “Guardians of the Gut” at the Royal Society Summer Science exhibition earlier this month. The Hall lab from the Quadram Institute at NRP investigate the microbes in the human gut- the microbiota. The microbiota is all the microorganisms that live on or in the human body. The exhibition included a giant interactive gut and microbiota quizzes, and featured some very special guests, including Prof. Brian Cox.

Colorifix wins major fashion award

NRP-based Colorifix seek to exploit synthetic biology to revolutionise the dyeing process of fabrics and textiles. Colorifix recently won 30,000 euros and the ANDAM Fashion Innovation Prize in Paris. Colorifix will receive mentoring from Clarisse Reille, who is executive director of DEFI who help fashion business start-ups. The mentoring is for one year and will help the Colorifix team to develop their business structure. The main prize of 250,000 euros and two years of mentoring went to the fashion label Atlein, founded by Antonin Tron. This ANDAM Fashion prize, is just one of many fashion opportunities coming through for Colorifix. Currently, Colorifix are exhibiting in the Victoria and Albert museum in London as part of the Fashioned From Nature Exhibition. This exhibition features a Stella McCartney dress was dyed using ColoriFix technology, and is on display until January 2019.