The New Anglia Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering (NAAME) group is offering tenants at our Hethel Innovation sites free access to an innovative new platform. The platform enables businesses to share surplus workforce with each other during busy and quiet periods. The Talent Sharing Platform (TSP) is a collaboration between NAAME and the Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor. It was created in response to businesses recognising that some of their skills requirements could be fulfilled by ‘borrowing’ workforce from neighbouring companies through secondment arrangements.

How Does The Talent Sharing Platform Work?

The TSP gives employers the opportunity to list either job opportunities that they are looking to fill or members of staff that they have available for other businesses to utilise on a permanent or temporary basis. The platform then matches the supply and demand and give employers a chance to connect and discuss potential sharing arrangements. Sharing arrangements can vary from a one-off secondment to fulfil a contract to a strategic partnership where workforce is shared on an ongoing basis. For example, following the seasonality of a particular sector or where a niche skill may not be required on a permanent or full time basis.

Graphic poster of NAAME's Talent Sharing Platform with text 'See Talent Differently. The new Talent Sharing Platform  from NAAME: giving engineering and manufacturing businesses a new way to manage their talent

What Does This Mean For Businesses in East Anglia?

James Williamson, project manager for NAAME said: ‘The TSP is really exciting project that I believe has the potential to transform how we think about talent in the region. The TSP is not only a place where businesses can access the skills they need to e.g. win a contract or reduce their recruitment costs, it can also help us upskill and build resilience within our workforce by giving people the opportunity to develop their skillsets and expertise across several businesses’.

Graphic poster for NAAME's Talent Sharing Platform with text 'see talent differently. The new Talent Sharing Platform for Norfolk and Suffolk : offering Manufacturing and Engineering firms a new way to unlock talent'

How Do I Find Out More?

Tenants at Hethel Engineering Centre and Scottow Enterprise Park can sign up and use the TSP for free by following at

If you are interested in finding out more about the TSP and how it could work for your business, NAAME is hosting an event on the 26th of May 2021 with expert speakers and a demo of the platform. To register for the event on Eventbrite.