Just six months after the announcement that the Cobra 378 Superblower was to be reborn, AC Cars have completed the very first production of this all-original recreated model. With an impressive spec and supercharged V8 engine ready to deliver an authentic experience, its classic beauty and distinct purr will no doubt win over any driver lucky enough to be at the wheel!

Reborn Series

Hethel Engineering Centre tenant, AC Cars, have been busy kicking their Reborn Series into gear, bringing a wave of new energy to the brand. The AC Cobra 378 Superblower proudly joins the recently announced Series 1 All- Electric and 140 Charter Edition AC Cobra models to form an untouchable line of icons. Available to purchase from Boss Motor Company, the Superblower sports car is every inch as good as it was 22 years ago, if not more.

Chief Executive of AC Cars, Alan Lubinsky said: “We are incredibly proud to see the first production version of 378 Superblower now built. It’s a tremendous achievement by the full team of engineers to produce such a high-quality car ahead of schedule and in the midst of a challenging global pandemic. This is another big step forward in the ongoing resurgence of the AC Cars brand and we are tremendously excited to start UK sales through our sales team at Boss Motor Company.”