A tenant of Hethel Innovation, Autokraft by AC Cars, has launched a brand new product due to hit markets in 2021! The TR-560 is an electric scooter manufactured at Hethel Engineering Centre, sleek in design and with a motor capable of hitting speeds of up to 25km/h. Designed by AC Cars, makers of world renowned cars since 1901, the new TR-560 scooter has been launched under the company’s Autokraft brand, an icon of AC dating back to the 1970s.

The TR-560 electric scooter by Autokraft

The Rise of Electric Scooters

The organisation hopes that several factors will contribute to the success of the new product. It’s environmental credentials, the planned change in traffic legislations making scooters legal for road use and consumer’s continuing interest in shopping locally and supporting UK manfacturing makes the scooter’s launch perfectly timed to enter the two-wheel, electric vehicle market.

Alan Lubinsky, CEO of AC Cars, explains:

Scooter buyers and riders in the UK need to understand where their product is coming from, the proven automotive standards used in its design and manufacture and the heritage behind our famous brand. Our TR560 scooter has a 24 volt lithium ion battery pack with a built-in charger and its key performance figures are more than a match for other machines in the market. Top speed is 25km/h, estimated range between charges (which take just 4.5 hours from empty) is 50km – and those figures can be further enhanced by selecting an optional higher output battery for just £50

Man rides Autokraft TR-560 scooter in Norwich Market

Make Your Autokraft Scooter Your Own

In addition to the choice of optimising the TR-560’s battery output, buyers of the scooter also have the opportunity to opt for more add ons. Optional extras include a seat, lights, mirrors, a range of paint colours and a speedometer. For those who want to keep it simple and enjoy the TR-560 without these extras, the scooter is priced competively at £1,692 (including VAT).