Farmplan,  major farm management software firm have opened a new office in Hethersett, Norfolk. This location is significant as this is near the A11 main road between Norfolk and Cambridge, and is a hotspot for Agri-tech businesses. Farmplan are part of Proagrica, which is a global agricultural data insights group. By opening an office in Hethersett it is hoped the company will be able to offer more support to its growing client-base in the Norfolk region. This will be in the form of a hub for training, and support.

More than 60 staff in Herefordshire, West Sussex and Norfolk

Proagrica employ over 60 staff in Herefordshire, West Sussex and Norfolk. Overall, they manage more than 2.3m hectares of land and more than a million cattle. Managing Director Piers Costley spoke recently about how at Farmplan they are committed to supporting future farming. This new office could also lead to more skilled jobs being created in the area in the coming years.



Farmplan offer a variety of software and support packages. These range from software to help manage crops to cattle to accounts. The crops software packages help record data from crops and store this information on a cloud-based platform to increase yields, raise profits and make the process more efficient. For example Farmplan’s Gatekeeper software can create a harvest work plan, saving time for the farmers. Farmplan’s crop management software is the UK’s most popular crop management solution for growers.

The cattle software packages help manage over a million cattle. Cattle software range from helping speed up breeding decisions, storing health and medical records of animals, monitoring the performance of cattle, and track pedigree and performance of bulls. The software helps farmer’s adhere to regulations and strict reporting criteria, producing compliance reports simply at the touch of a button.



This new office base from Farmplan  will help it’s clients with basic IT support and computer advice, through to software support and development. Tailoring to each client’s requirements and budgets.


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