Tips to take your customer service and sales approach from zero to hero

Identifying problems, building a strong customer service team, establishing clear end goals and a suited CRM system are just some of the forgotten factors standing in between where a business is now and where it could be. Get the brain cogs moving about what really makes a customer tick and how sales can be boosted, to realise if your current blueprint really has what it takes to achieve success.

Here at Hethel Innovation we know business is hard right now; we’re in the same boat! We want to help in the best ways we can during these uncertain times of lock-down and social distancing, by offering some excellent tips and advice on how to adapt and keep moving business along. Whether that may be factors you may or may not have even considered before, you can be sure to find something useful in our upcoming calendar of online events.

Holding the room (virtually!) on Tuesday 28th of April, is Hethels’ own Arthur Allen and he’s talking strategy. Offering up his expertise in an info-bursting session about creating a successful customer service and sales plan, this is one not to be missed by businesses new to the scene or those just looking for some helpful pointers in this area.

Here are some top tips to consider when strengthening the position of your business.

Why is having a strategy so important?

Having a customer care and sales strategy helps establish the importance of a customer and their satisfaction at every level of business. Having a solid plan in place for the entire business to follow will ensure the level of care output, processes and practices are consistent throughout. As a business it’s important to review and amend strategy to keep moving towards goals.

What a customer wants

For an effective and consistent standard of customer service to be implemented, knowing what the client really wants and needs is a vital piece of information and key for staying competitive and successful.
A new or potential customer requires a different type of attention to that of an existing one. How would your business ensure that each stage of the customer chain was given a unique approach to build relationships and ultimately boost sales?

Building a relationship to last

Loyal customers will have a degree of trust in the business, will tend to buy more, spend more and even refer the business to friends, family or clients; touching upon a market not yet explored could prove invaluable in so many ways.
The word currently on everybody’s lips is Covid-19 and the instant challenges and changes it brings is enough to test even the most solid of businesses. These existing or potential relationships could be one of the most important elements for a business to retain throughout lock-down measures and when normality hopefully returns.

If you want to find out more, join us here for the Service Is Selling webinar on Tuesday 28th April, as it sets to provide even more ways to innovate your strategy.