The Food and Drink industry is changing. With evolving consumer needs, lifestyles and ethics, the ways in which we grow, process, purchase, and even receive food and drink is set to change. Accenture Strategy believe that there is to be more change in the industry over the next 10 years, than there has been in the previous 50. So how do we prepare for the future?

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In April, Hethel Innovation are organising Future Food, an event at Woodforde’s Brewery. The event will look to bring together local businesses in the food and drink industry to share the evolution of business models in the sector and to discuss future trends. The day will see a number of speakers and panellists discuss how the strategy of their business is changing due to evolving technological and consumer trends, as well as external trends affecting the sector, including sustainable packaging and the circular economy. Due to the sector focus of the event, this event is invite only, and will welcome food and drink producers, processors and retailers. Jordan Sharman, Innovation Advisor at Hethel Innovation, and lead organiser of Future Food said:

“This event was created due to businesses from the food and drink sector commenting that whilst there were great networking and ‘meet the buyer/supplier’ events in this region, the only food and drink related events focusing on the future and innovation, were not local. With such a strong food, drink and agriculture sector here in the East, it only makes sense we facilitate an event which champions these businesses and allows them to collaborate and grow together.”

Speakers at the event include food and drink manufacturers such as Kettle Foods, Woodforde’s and Peck Drinks, with involvement from organisations from complimenting sectors such as Garҁon Wines, M&H Plastics and Anglian Water.

The food industry is the UK’s largest manufacturing sector and it contributes £28.2bn annually to the economy whilst also employing 400,000 people. The Agriculture, Food and Drink sector in Norfolk alone comprises £3.9bn of the UK total and is home to organisations such as British Sugar, Linda McCartney and Kettle Foods.

As part of this event there will be a consultation delivered by Hethel Innovation and South Norfolk District Council. Businesses will be able to hear more about the support needed for the Food and Drink sector in the region, as well as the business support services to be provided within the planned Food Innovation Centre, situated on the Food Enterprise Park.

The full agenda can be seen below, and for more information about the event please contact Jordan at