Email marketing… where to start?!

Fortunately, email marketing expert, Holly Stibbon, is here to help. Holly help runs the marketing platform Smart Messenger and will sharing be her tips in our next webinar taking place on Tuesday 21st April from 10-11am.

To start the learning process, we asked her to tell us her thoughts on what the basics of email marketing are and what businesses should be doing to make their strategy more successful.

See below our infographic to find out!

Quick Wins for Email Marketing


Learn more about Holly’s upcoming webinar:

Email Marketing Workshops: We’ll Help You Get Results

  • Do you want to start using email marketing to reach potential clients but don’t know where to begin?
  • Are you already running email marketing campaigns but failing to get the results you expected?
  • Have you become overwhelmed by trying to follow online advice that’s complicated and time-consuming? 

Don’t worry, the Smart Messenger team are here to help.

Our email marketing workshops are non-technical, packed full of practical advice and will help you to start transforming your email marketing efforts.

We’ll share our expert knowledge and teach you how to set up your campaigns for success – so you can hit send with confidence. 

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