PBD Biotech, based in Thurston, near Bury St Edmunds, has secured £200,000 of investment to commercialise its diagnostic kit, which detects the presence of disease-causing mycobacteria in blood and milk samples. This £200k included a significant investment from members of local angel investor network Anglia Capital Group.

Chief Executive Dr Berwyn Clarke (who is also a director of another regional diagnostics firm, Iceni Diagnostics) said the current testing method – which can take days to assess an immune response from the animal plus six weeks of laboratory work to confirm inconclusive results – is only 75pc accurate. By contrast, he said his test could provide definitive, accurate results within six hours, which could save time money for farmers, and reduce animal stress.

To capitalise on the company’s recent success Dr Clarke is speaking at a GoBio event in October Our Diagnostics Future, along with other representatives of the regional diagnostics innovation and supply chain. Attendance at this event is currently invite-only: for more information and to request a ticket please contact Aaron Hunter at ahunter@hethelinnovation.com.