The oil and gas leader, Shell have partners with Anesco, a UK renewables firm, to engage in a new battery storage project at the Becton gas terminal in Norfolk launching Summer 2019.

Anesco, based in Reading in the South of England, was the first UK company to install commercial-scale batteries charged by solar power back in 2016. They also own and operate the UK’s first subsidy-free solar farm in Bedfordshire. Anesco has committed to bringing 185MW of energy to the national grid by creating the largest portfolio of battery storage in the UK. Their next big project is a collaboration with Shell to bring battery storage to Norfolk.

It is predicted that battery storage technology could create £8 billion worth of savings in the UK by 2030. Shell has picked up on this an invested heavily in storage solutions as well as solar and electric car companies in the last few years. As well as the collaboration with Anesco in Norfolk they have also committed to installing EV charging stations and hydrogen cell refuelling points on their petrol station forecourts.

The solar farm at Scottow Enterprise Park, North Norfolk

Anesco and Shell aren’t the only ones investing in battery storage in Norfolk; here at Cleantech East we have our own members who are at the forefront of battery storage technology. A tenant of Hethel Engineering Centre and Cleantech East Leadership Group member, Connected Energy, are pioneers of energy storage and the circular economy right here in Norfolk. The company create energy storage systems using ‘second life’ electric vehicle batteries. They have 11 of their E-STOR systems installed across the UK and Germany allowing for grid load management for single EV rapid chargers. To read more about what connected energy do, click here

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