M O Design Solutions

Using WordPress to get going

M O Design Solutions are a 3D Design Engineering Company. Martin O’Keeffe, the Managing Director, mainly wanted support to innovate his website and marketing. The team began work on innovative design concepts for a new logo for the company as well as organising a design sprint session to establish the most important information to use on the website.

The simplest approach to building a website was through WordPress, which 37% of the internet is built using! It is also easy to use, but allows versatility to do professional work should that be an interest. A big part of this support was also providing some basic training on using WordPress, in order to enable ownership of the site.

As the team continued to engage with Martin, we found his business was quite heavily reliant on a single customer. Diversification is really important for longevity in a business. Putting all your eggs in one basket does increase risk significantly! By helping to build a new brochure for the company, advising on building a pitch deck and identifying some key potential engineering contacts within the region, M O Design Solutions now has the information and marketing they need to be much more competitive!