Studio Goblin

Norwich University of the Arts Alumni Start Their Own Animation Business

The Business Development Team at Hethel Innovation have been working with Studio Goblin for a number of months now, as part of the business support work conducted at NUA’s Ideas Factory. Studio Goblin are an animation company based in Norwich city centre with clients all around the world.

One of the earliest interactions with Studio Goblin was to help them get found more on Google. The team helped them to improve their SEO, as originally they did not appear even when searched directly. Since then the team has continued to work with Fraser and Luke on how they work with clients, how to find more clients and how to put themselves forward in the best way possible.

One big area of discussion between Studio Goblin and the Business Development Team has been how to improve the journey their customer’s go on. A continued stress point for Studio Goblin was the nature of bringing a client on board, and getting the right information out of them. After discussing at length with the team, a multi-pronged attack was thought of collectively. In order to remove steps of information gathering, one approach will be to improve the contact form on the website. Upon initial contact with Fraser and Luke a potential client will be asked for more details, including reference videos, length, project brief, and if they have a storyboard or character sketches. All this is information that SG have to ask for, and so by including it on their website in the future it will be a way of freeing up more time for the creative work the team excel at.

To compliment this direct approach, there has also been a lot of discussion about the use of blog posts and how Studio Goblin can demonstrate their expertise and thought leadership on the topic of animation, providing deeper confidence in their ability to potential new clients, as well as helping clients understanding of the level of work that goes into animation projects. This will also feed into SEO work as blogs are a great way to improve the discoverability of a site.

It has been a pleasure to see Studio Goblin grow over the past few months, with the team there reporting continuous growth of the brand and the projects they are undertaking!