About Movable Technologies

Movable Technologies Limited is a company providing IT consultancy services and software development, who are based at our Scottow Enterprise Park site in Badersfield. Movable Technologies are currently in the process of developing an innovative new app – named CheckApp – which provides daily walkaround checks on a mobile device for owners and drivers of HGVs.

Stephen (Owner of Movable Technologies) approached the team at Hethel Innovation with the challenge of developing a marketing strategy and support with identifying their branding opportunities, reflecting how they will engage with their targeted customers to increase the interest for their CheckApp, before it is fully launched. Here’s how we approached the challenge…

Defining the Perfect Customer

The best place to start in building your marketing strategy? Figuring out who it is you’re marketing to!

For Stephen to be able to market his new app as effectively as possible, we needed to paint a clear picture of who it is that it needs to appeal to, and who will be using it.

So, how do we do that? Using the customer segmentation tool, we can plot all the different bits of demographic (i.e. objective things like age, job, experience, location etc.), and psychographic (i.e. the subjectives like emotions, attitudes) information – which we’ll refer back to when it comes to building a strategy to market to them!

Once we had an idea of who our customer was, we had to delve a little deeper in to what actually makes them tick. What parts of their day-to-day lives can be improved? How can things be made easier for them? And more importantly – how does CheckApp address these issues?

Movable Technologies Marketing Workshop

Let’s go on a Journey

Alright, so we had a good idea of who our ideal customer was, but how do they find out about CheckApp? And what can Movable Technologies do to not only convert in to a paying customer, but also (hopefully) sing the app’s praises and recommend to others?

Using the customer journey tool we were able to plot all the different ‘touchpoints’ CheckApp will have with their target customer, all the while keeping tabs on what emotions they may be feeling at any particular stage of the process, and any tweaks to the process that could be made to make sure Movable Technologies give them the best customer experience possible.

Bringing it all Together

So now we knew who the ideal customer for Movable Technology’s CheckApp was, and all the steps on their journey from discovery to advocacy, all that was left to do was to bring all of this information together to inform the basic structure of a marketing strategy.

Using the 7 P’s of Marketing model, Stephen was able to determine what aspects of his product his target market would be most interested in, as well as other factors like what platforms he’ll use to effectively promote the app, and how it can differentiate from their competitors.

Finally, tying everything up in a neat little package we summarised all the main outcomes and strategies to propel Movable Technologies marketing in a handy little summary report!

I enjoyed working with Sam and Alice to identify the areas to focus on when marketing my new product. They provided insights that I had previously not thought of and really helped to provide a plan to execute to drive engagement and customers to my platform. I look forward to putting their ideas into action and seeing the results.

Stephen nelson | Movable technologies

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