Alpha Inclusion and Communication

Using Lego to teach?

Amy from Alpha Inclusion and Communication communicated to the Business Development Team that she was struggling with her company’s branding and marketing strategy and in response the team connected her with Norwich Business School. A group of students worked collaboratively with Alpha Inclusion and Communication on a marketing related project and came up with created a report with recommendations for a completely new strategy. The students worked intensively for ten days, where they then presented their findings at the Hethel Engineering Centre. The main strategic recommendations were the following:

  1. Focus on the Growth of Alpha Inclusion and Communications in 2020
  2. The client should adopt a new branded house strategy and new value proposition
  3. Alpha Inclusion and Communication should utilise E-Platforms
  4. Alpha Communications should acquire three new customers from the tech industry through digital advertising

The Business Development Team worked with her and supported her in the creation of a Minimum Viable Product. To ensure that Amy can test her assumption of offering new market innovation to a new sector, including the development of a 90 minutes taster session. This MVP will enable Amy to be more productive by testing whether local engineering business would be willing to pay for her service and whether the service is actually in demand by the industry. 

The team supported Amy by offering her a space to deliver a workshop during the Ingenuity Conference that took place in February 2020 as part of the Breakthrough project. This workshop gave the opportunity to Amy to receive feedback from a targeted audience of professionals in the engineering and manufacturing sector. Based on the attendees’ feedback Amy will be able to better tailor her services on the needs of her target customers. This conference also served as a platform to raise awareness about the services that Alpha Inclusions can offer.

The offer of more support will be available to Amy and Alpha Inclusions as they move their existing training into a new market. The team can’t wait to hear more about the progress of the communications course and are ready to continue to help Amy as she develops it.