What do pitching for investment, handling important meetings, and speaking at events all have in common? They require confidence. An under-appreciated tool in a businessperson’s arsenal, confidence has the ability to instantly transform, to create, to develop. Hethel Innovation recently worked with Emma Zangs to develop her opportunities in business, providing coaching, mentoring and information services to allow us all to activate our inner, most-confident, selves.

Emma Zangs worked with Hethel Innovation Business Development

Emma originally worked with the Hethel Innovation Business Development to teach them techniques that they could use to deliver training, handle important meetings, and talk at events more confidently. The sessions, which were full of energy, presented the team with a variety of great tools that allowed the team to improve how they retained information, remember lines, and process body language. (My favourite technique was the forest!)

Following the sessions, Emma Zangs worked through the Activate: Lean Startup process. Designed for early stage businesses, Emma was able to learn more about the value she was creating for her customers, how she could streamline her operations, and how she can grow the business in the future.

Throughout Activate, Emma was able to identify new opportunities for the business, as well as discover ways to free up her time on non-value adding activities and provide a greater level of service to her customers. The completion of tools, including a Customer Journey, Operations Map and Business Model Canvas, allowed Emma to develop a ‘Tutorials Page’ that would display information, guides and tools for customers looking for an instant confidence boost.

Desk-based research

Desk-based research carried out by the Hethel Innovation team also provided Emma with information on a number of new customers that aligned with her target customers. Combined with the Customer Journey tool, Emma will be able to approach the prospective clients more effectively.

Following Activate, a Vision Orbit was created to allow Emma to realise how she could grow the business over the coming years. The tool highlighted Emma’s ambition to take on new members of the workforce, enter new markets and develop new services. Continued catchups will allow Emma to share her progress and allow the Hethel Innovation team to brainstorm solutions to any opportunities and challenges that come her way.

Emma said of her experience working with Hethel Innovation:

‘The Activate: Lean Startup Process allowed me to stop, reflect and analyse what worked and did not work in my business. The regularity and the flow of the process were helpful to navigate the uncertain times of making decisions during a pandemic. I now can refer to the resources when needed in the future, but what makes Hethel innovation programme so unique is the time and dedication they take to truly listen and help the business they are working with. In such isolating times, I feel supported by the team as their door is always open.’

Emma Zangs

To learn more about Emma Zangs and the amazing work she delivers to allow others to realise their full potential, visit Emmazangs.com