We Innovate

Bring new products, processes and services to market in Norfolk & East Anglia

Hethel Innovation are the provider of innovation support in the East of England.

We facilitate the creation of new ideas across a number of sectors to disrupt conventional markets.

We bring like-minded people together to form innovation platforms, a place to share knowledge and address common problems.

Our innovation platforms aim to address common problems, on a local, national, and global scale.

We bring businesses, local government, and academia together to foster cross-sector knowledge and idea exchange.

To learn more about what innovation platforms we are currently running, get in touch with us on 01953 859100.

We help businesses to bring new products, processes and services to market 

Since our formation, we have helped organisations throughout the East of England develop new products, processes, and services.

The Hethel Innovation team are always on hand to provide bespoke advice and guidance to businesses, and act as a testbed for you to bounce ideas off.

We don’t guarantee innovation, because it’s not as simple as that. We are here to point you in the right direction, and provide you with the tools necessary to invoke innovative thinking.

To get in touch with the Hethel Innovation team, email us, or phone us on 01953 859100.


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