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Build a Business

Over one day, work with our specialist team and other aspiring entrepreneurs to grow your idea into a thriving business with Norfolk startup support

Turn your passion in to your 'side-hustle'!

Understand how to create a thriving business

About the Course

Utilising content from our successful ‘Activate’ series, which over the past six years has helped 100’s of aspiring entrepreneurs across Norfolk and Suffolk, ‘Build a Business in a Day’ helps the time-poor and idea-rich to develop an idea and turn it into a feasible and sustainable venture.

‘Build a Business in a Day’ helps you develop your idea and your business in an accelerated way. Using the Lean Startup approach, we help you gain customer insight and use it to influence decision making and create a company that is wanted by and works for the customer, ensuring the success and potential of your venture.

Over the day, we will cover a variety of topics collaboratively and excitingly to help you explore your ideas and turn them into actual actions, including:


What makes a great idea - and how to make yours work!


Who your customers are - for today and tomorrow


How to market your business - creating an effective sales process


What your typical day looks like - and removing the risks


How you will grow - building a business model ready to scale


What your future looks like - and how you can get there


If you should register your business - all the pros and cons

What You’ll Get


Supporting course material

Access to all supporting course material, including post-access to the Miro board that will be used during the session.


Strategic action cards

A Hethel Innovation-designed tool to help you turn your thoughts into realistic actions.


    Your own 'Build a Business' toolkit

    A collection of all the tools provided on the day and other resources to continue your progress with developing your business.


    Shared knowledge

    In our interactive breakout rooms you’ll get the opportunity to learn from other budding entrepreneurs and their experiences

    Interested in a Bespoke Session for your Team?

    If you’re looking for a tailored session delivered specifically for your business, get in touch with us to get the ball rolling!

    What Previous Attendees Say

    Great sessions, the trainers were involved and helped each of us with our journeys. Great helping others, helps to broaden & strengthen perspectives.

    I found it so helpful, thought-provoking, encouraging, and I was provided with a process for looking at our new business proposition from the start to where you aspire it to go.