FEATURE: GoBio concept identifies Innovative opportunities for Briar Chemicals

by Aug 24, 2018Biomanufacturing, Industrial Biotechnology

ABOUT BRIAR chemicals

Briar Chemicals is situated on the Sweet Briar industrial estate, and has 46-ha site, with 13.6 ha available for development, this could be developed into warehousing space, or manufacturing space for new product types. Briar chemicals already has substantial manufacturing resources, for smaller and more expansive chemicals production all on one site. They also have regulatory, shipping and international experience of export across the world, with over 95% of products exported out of the UK.


Briar Chemicals can manufacture small scale-up products. This is beneficial for Briar because it would help Briar become specialists in designing processes for scale-up to continuous production. Within the region there are many start-up and biotech SME’s. Partnerships with companies like Leaf Expression Systems, and Colorifix, could lead to new lines of development for Briar, and could also help support the local bio-economy. To do this Briar could move towards biomanufacturing, the process of biomanufacturing involves using biological systems to produce biomaterials and biomolecules that can be used in medicine, food or other industrially significant applications. With support from local networks like NAAME, and GoBio, these businesses can be supported in their growth and development as they upscale production of their bio-products.

CONCEPTS FOR the region



Around Briar there is a chemical hazards zone, 850m, this includes some local residents. Local residents would be more reassured to discover that the firm are moving to develop more environmentally friendly chemicals and natural products.
This expansion into biomanufacturing could help create sustained development for Briar Chemicals, and could attract more businesses to Norwich. For example work with local researchers at Norwich Research Park could lead to development of new natural products with wide-ranging applications, such as health or nutrition. This could lead to formation of new scientific and commercial enterprises spinning off from these collaborations. These new businesses could be supported by local networks like the New Anglia Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering network (NAAME) and Greater Norwich Manufacturing group. Briar could also share a wealth of expertise from intellectual property handling to scale-up practices to world-wide export. Potentially making Briar a good mentor to any potential start-up companies in the region. 
The development and innovation strategies mentioned above could lead to new opportunities for the region. More high-skilled and technical jobs could be developed. This could lead to the recruitment of apprentices and development of regional talent in manufacturing, scientific and engineering processes.

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