Starting a Business

Hethel Innovation are here to help you start your business

Getting a business going and becoming your own boss is a dream for many. It’s also a big project to get going and we want to help you!

Startup Activities

Below are some of the activities and tools that we can help you with when looking to start up your business. 

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The Activate Course

Activate is all about taking your business idea and gaining clarity and direction. The course looks at how to best focus your energy and what the best way to find your fit is.

Business Model Canvas

This is a tool which creates a visual business plan for you, business plans can be intimidating to write, but the Business Model Canvas is a fantastic place to start the process by working on it in a visual way.

Product Market Fit

There are no bad ideas, just poor application. Most ideas have a fit somewhere, Product Market Fit is all about finding where your idea provides value to the world.

Minimum Viable Solution

What is the least you could do in order to gain feedback? Instead of wasting time looking at the perfect product/service, an MVS enables you to get quick feedback on your idea and learn whether there is value in it.

Competitor Analysis

Knowing what you’re going up against is important for two reasons: it keeps you informed on what everyone else is doing, it enables you to differentiate yourself from the market.

Market Research

How many customers could you have? How much money is spent in your sector? Is the sector growing or shrinking? What are the trends looking into the future? Knowing this information about your market helps you get ahead of the competition!

How Else Can We Support You?

Hethel Innovation offers a wide range of business support activities, through our Business Development Team. Whatever stage your business is in, we can offer our support and guidance.

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