Product Development

Hethel Innovation offers a wide range of product development activities to support your business in the East of England

New products are exciting! But also require a huge amount of work to get off the ground. Thankfully there are many ways you can ease the experience for yourself.

Product Development Activities

Below are are a few of the things that we can through to help you develop your new product!

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Design Thinking Workshop

Design Thinking is the guiding light of product design work, focusing on the user and understanding the user is the best way to get product market fit right. Our workshop looks are teaching you the principles of this approach.

Product Design Sprints

Intense and focused work on product design is a fantastic way to get something made and out into the world. Using the sprint approach it is possible to get something in front of customers in just five days!

How Else Can We Support You?

Hethel Innovation offers a wide range of business support activities, through our Business Development Team. Whatever stage your business is in, we can offer our support and guidance.

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