turning ideas into innovations

Hethel Innovation partners with organisations hungry for growth.

We support the innovation of new products, brands, services, and business models, and help our partners build their in-house innovation capabilities.


Offering leadership in both technical project design/management and content delivery.


Enabling businesses to develop and exploit hi-tech ideas and undergo invention.


Managing incubation space and providing bespoke business support, including sourcing funding.


Deliver and facilitate training and development of the future high skilled workforce.

The Team

Simon Coward

Managing Director

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Alice Reeve

ERDF Program Manager

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William Taitt

Sector Development Manager - Infotech

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Abygail Hadley

Project Coordinator

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Sam Currall

Commercialisation Program Manager

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Oli Rix

Innovation Coordinator

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Katherine Lower

Sector Development Manager - Clean Tech

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Aaron Hunter

Sector Development Manager - Biotech & the Bioeconomy

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Matt Looker

Sector Facilitator - Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering

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Current Projects

Past Projects

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